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Bubble Rap App IconThe BubbleRapApp is a read-along children’s book, in rhythm and rhyme, about sharing and caring. In that spirit, all proceeds will help bring global access to life saving vaccinations.
100% of the proceeds go to

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Welcome to Cubix. Prepare yourselves to strategize in this unique and fresh card, dice, and chip experience.

Race to the Target Value! The first to each color will win the number of chips they put at risk. Will you risk big, or will you play it safe? It’s up to you. Anything can happen with the turn of a card!

Cubix is sure to present a fun and strategic experience for everyone easily at your fingertips.

Available now for iOS and Android

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Need help tying your shoes?

Check out this video! You’ll learn all you need to know, and have fun with this groovy tune while doing so.

Afterwards, you’ll have no problem getting “All Tied Up.”

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